Investment and Savings Advice across Central Scotland
We research the whole of the market to get you a better return on your investment

Getting a decent return on your savings with tax efficiency is proving difficult these days.  Affinity Financial Planning offer independent advice and planning with regards to your investments. Whether investing into an ISA, Unit Trust, Bond, lump sum savings from a bank or building Society , an inheritance, or regular savings to help save towards a specific goal, we can assist . If you are looking for Capital growth, income, or combination of both, let us assist you achieve your goal.

Many or our clients are low risk or risk-averse investors having saved for many years in cash funds which have had unattractive returns.

Affinity specialise in constructing low risk investment portfolios. We achieve this by measuring your risk rating and your capacity for loss and then decide what shape to construct your portfolio.

We have a range of portfolios which range across the risk spectrum from Lowest Risk through to Highest Risk, with increasing risk/reward characteristics as you move up the risk scale. We can help you reduce the risk and potentially increase your returns

In addition we also construct bespoke portfolios. Again this is measured against your risk rating and capacity for loss. To reduce the risk of the investment losing money we diversify across different asset classes, across a number of funds. We normally identify 6 to 10 funds which typically hold around 100 investments in each. By following this process risk can be reduced 

The performance of your investments and constructed portfolios are then reviewed regularly.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The value of most investments is not guaranteed and on encashment you may not get back the full amount invested. 

From our offices in Coatbridge, Affinity offer an outstanding range of investment solutions to our clients all over Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Central Scotland. Contact us now for a free, no obligation review.