Over 50's Insurance Advice Glasgow and Lanarkshire
Over 50's Life Insurance with No Medical. Outstanding cover with No Medical and Guaranteed acceptance.

The Over 50's Life Plans offered by Affinity Financial Planning provide a fixed cash lump sum for your loved ones. There is NO MEDICAL and you are GUARANTEED to be accepted.

Just look at what the plans offer:
• Guaranteed acceptance with no medical so long as you are aged between 50 and 80 at application.
• Guaranteed fixed cash sum that will never reduce.
• Guaranteed that premiums will never increase.

When you apply for an Over 50’s No Medical plan, you are guaranteed to be accepted whatever your health. The plan has to be in force with the all premiums paid for two years before a claim can be made for death from natural causes. If it is less than two years and does not meet the criteria for a claim to be paid, the premiums paid into the plan will be refunded to the estate. If however, death occurs as a result of an accident, the full sum assured is paid out immediately, without any waiting period. 

We are independent and advise clients on the most suitable plan from a range of providers. As the plans are not all the same, we will be able to recommend the most suitable for you. For example:
• Some companies will pay out up to four times the initial sum assured from day one if death results from an accident.
• Some companies will refund 150% or premiums paid, should death occur in the two year waiting period, from natural causes.
• There are also companies that will offer a Serious Illness Benefit as a percentage of the Sum Assured if you are diagnosed with one of a limited number of defined Serious Illnesses.

From our offices in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, Affinity Financial Planning covers the whole of Central Scotland with a range of individually tailored and highly affordable plans. Call us to arrange a free review which is without obligation.