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Ill Health / Enhanced Annuity

When you've spent most of your working life paying into a pension plan and the time comes to retire you don't have to accept the annuity offered by your pension company.

There is a feature available to all registered UK Pension Schemes known as an 'Open Market Option'. Quite simply this means that you can shop around and take your annuity from whoever is giving you the best annual income. In November 2016, the UK Financial Services regulator, the FCA, published a consultation paper (CP16/37) which estimated that "80% of consumers who purchase an annuity from their provider could get a better deal on the open market".

At Affinity Financial Planning we offer our clients access to a wide range of annuity providers and can usually get them a much better income as a result. We offer a Free no-obligation consultation where we can go through that various annuity options with you.

"Each year, people throw away £1 billion in retirement income because they didn’t shop around when buying an annuity. Don’t be one of them - make sure that you shop around. If you don’t, you could regret it for the rest of your life".

(Source: NAPF and Pensions Institute Research, February 2012).

Are you aware that, depending on medical conditions, you could receive an income of up to 52% higher than that being offered by your present provider?

An example of where this could be beneficial is if you have suffered from, or have an ongoing, medical condition. These are just some, but not a definitive list of conditions which could increase your retirement income.
• Smoker (10%-15% increase)
• High cholesterol, High blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes (15%-35% increase)
• Cancer, Heart attack (up to 52% increase)
• High/Low Body mass (10% to 15% increase)

The process couldn't be easier 
1. You receive your Retirement Pack from your existing provider. 
2. You contact Affinity Financial Planning Ltd. 
3. After obtaining some information from you - we research the entire market place on your behalf. 
4. Where we can secure a better income than that being offered by your current provider, we complete the necessary paperwork and handle the entire process for you. 
5. When completed - you start receiving your new - increased - pension income from the new company.