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At Affinity, we research the entire mortgage market which is comprised of over 100 mortgage lenders.

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At affinity, getting your mortgage a simple 3-step process

Step 01
We’ll meet with you to discuss your circumstance and goals and confirm your budget, monthly expenses and any liabilities.
Step 02
We’ll research the entire UK market and provide you with multiple options along with our  recommendations, based on your requirements.
Step 03
You decide on which lender you want to go with...

...and we do the rest!
We’ve helped clients from Ayrshire to Perthshire, from Glasgow to Edinburgh and everywhere in between to find the mortgage that’s exactly right for them. It’s the biggest financial decision you will ever make so make sure you get expert help to make it.

There’s absolutely no-obligation. We simply recommend the best products that most suit your requirements from the whole of the market and let you choose.
“Adie has helped us with all our financial matters for the past 8 years and we have recommended him to friends and family. We’ve received honest and friendly advice with our best interests at heart. He’s always on hand to give us advice and we will continue to use him and Affinity in the future. Thanks again to you and Liz for all your hard work and help. We genuinely appreciate it so so much“



How much can I borrow?

It depends entirely on your individual circumstances however, the final figure will be based on your income, expenditure and your ability to pay your monthly instalments.  

How much deposit do I need?

As a rule of thumb, you will require a 10% for your deposit however, the bigger deposit you have, the larger the range of products will be that are available to you.

How much will a mortgage cost each month?

Your monthly payments will be based on what you borrow, what the term rate is and what the interest is. During our Research stage, we will only select packages which are affordable for you.

What is the difference between a repayment mortgage and an interest only mortgage?

A Repayment Loan is when the interest on you loan is calculated into your monthly payments, so as well as paying off your loan, you also pay the interest - meaning you pay everything off quicker. Interest Only loans are far less common as your monthly payments would only be paying the interest on your loan, leaving you with an outstanding balance.

Can I move my mortgage to another lender if they are offering a better interest rate?

Yes. However, based on the product you selected, there can be additional fees.

Can I make over payments on my mortgage to pay it off sooner?

Yes, most lenders will allow you to make overpayments up to 10% in addition to your monthly payments.

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