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Saving and investing is all about one thing - making your money work for you. And getting a decent return on your savings with tax efficiency is proving difficult these days.

Our team at Affinity Financial Planning has over 70 years of experience in assisting clients with their investments. Whether you would prefer to save your hard earned cash or invest it for quicker growth, we can help you achieve your goals.

Should you Save or Invest?

Depending on your circumstances, you may want to save or invest. On average, investing is more profitable than saving. However, the risk of investing means that this is not guaranteed and if the timing is off, or you make the wrong choice, you could end up with less than you started with.

This is why many of our clients are low-risk or risk-averse investors. The downside is that they have saved for many years but have poor returns to show for it.

Affinity specialise in constructing low risk investment portfolios. We achieve this by measuring your risk rating and your capacity for loss and then decide what shape to construct your portfolio.
“Great advice and range of options. I could see that you really paid attention and researched your suggestions which really impressed me. I’m very impressed”


Ethical Investing

Here at Affinity Financial Planning we are committed to finding investment opportunities that follow ESG guidelines. To learn more about ESG Investing, click here


How long will it take before I see growth in my investments?

The time taken to see growth can vary considerably depending on market conditions. We recommend keeping all investments for a minimum period of 5 years. This timeframe normally allows for any volatility and fluctuations in fund values.

How do I know how my investments are doing?

This depends on the product provider. Some systems provide valuations in real time online, whereas others will send you a statement, typically two or four times a year. Outwith this, you can contact us, and we can obtain a valuation for you.

What are the various types of investments I can make?

Being Independent and Whole of Market advisers, we cater for most investment types. These are predominantly ISA's, Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts, and Investment Bonds.

How do I know if investing is right for me?

Following an in-depth discussion, with a qualified adviser, certain factors are taken into consideration. These would include looking at any debts or commitments you may have, any emergency funds that are readily realisable, your attitude to investment risk, the amount of funds you are considering investing and the length of time you are considering investing for.

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