Life Insurance

We know that the most important thing in our lives is family, and money could never replace the loss of a loved one.

Real Peace of Mind

Financial security can however, give us real peace of mind in knowing that should anything happen to us, our family will be financially provided for.

Insurance exists to protect you as an individual, and whereas some types of insurance are indispensable – others, if not set up correctly, can become financial traps. It’s important to weigh up carefully on a case-to-case basis exactly which services meet your real needs for protection.

When deciding on a Life Insurance plan for you, there are three main areas you will want to cover. The first is to ensure there are funds for any dependents, whether that would be children or elderly parents to ensure they are provided for in the event of your death. The second is to pay off any outstanding debts, and the third is to cover the cost of your funeral so your loved ones don’t have to worry about it.

Do you have children, or elderly parents that you want to ensure are financially secure in the event of your death?
Are there any outstanding debts that you would need to be covered to ensure the burden doesn’t fall to your loved ones?
Funeral Costs
Funeral Costs
Pay off your funeral in advance, so that your family aren’t left with a bill to pay for your service.
“Thanks Adie! Yet again I’ve received great service from yourselves. Everything was taken care of in a very short time, the insurance I took out is a lot more comprehensive than I currently had and the price was almost exactly the same. Absolutely brilliant, thanks“


Life Insurance cover tailored to your exact requirements

At Affinity, we analyse each of your individual insurance requirements and develop an appropriate and effective solution, thus enabling you to face the future with the confidence of a loss not turning into a financial disaster.

From our offices in Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Affinity covers the whole of Central Scotland with the market’s best Life Insurance products. We’ll visit you and show you exactly how we can tailor the best cover to suit you and your budget. Visits are free, without obligation and normally take less than an hour.


How do I know if I need Life Insurance?

The main question to ask yourself is “Will my loved ones be financially secure after my death?”. If you’re concerned about any outstanding debts (such as a mortgage), dependent family members, children or elderly parents, then Life Insurance is worth considering.

I have no family, is life insurance still worth getting?

It’s often assumed that if you don’t have children then there is no need for life insurance. Whilst in some cases this may be true, if you have financial responsibilities, such as a mortgage then Life Insurance might be something to think about. You may also have to consider others in your life who might depend on you financially, such as elderly parents, a dependant family member or your partner. Even at a young age, life insurance is worth investing in - and the cost is less when you're younger since premiums are influenced by your age and health.

What Life Insurance should I get?

There are many different options when it comes to Life Insurance, which can be confusing and overwhelming to get a strong understanding of. We work with clients to decide on the type of coverage they want and the kind of payouts their beneficiaries will need. We then get to work by comparing products from over 100? providers so we can find the one that works for you and your family.

Will life insurance pay out if I’m ill, or in an accident?

Yes, in most cases life insurance pays out for deaths by natural causes, which covers accidents, most illnesses and old age.However, the death must occur within the period of cover.

Do I need to declare pre-existing conditions?

Yes. Although it might be tempting not to mention any pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions or mental illness, but by not declaring these you run the high risk of your claim not being paid out after your death, which would leave your loved ones with no protection from your policy.

Can Life Insurance be cashed before death?

Depending on your cover, some whole-of-life insurance policies will allow you to cash-in before you pass away, and receive a payout. However, we would strongly recommend that you check your policy's terms if you are considering doing this, as you may have to pay a  surrender fee, which could affect the value you receive. You wouldn’t want to cash out if it meant getting back less than what you've paid in premiums over the years.

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