Best deals on reMortgages

Based in Scotland's Central Belt, with over 100 lenders to choose from, we can ensure that you get the mortgage that best suits you.

Our advice is tailored to your specific requirements.

So, before you continue with your existing lender when your current mortgage is coming to an end, pause. They may have a new product but that does not ensure that they are providing you with the best value for money.

At Affinity we view Remortgaging with just as much importance as we would if you were buying a new property and looking for a new mortgage. Only after establishing your exact requirements and undertaking the fullest research, will we recommend the products that are most appropriate for you and let you choose.

If your existing lender gets in touch before your mortgage term comes to an end, get in touch with us to see if there's a better deal out there for you and save you more money.
“Quite simply I got a similar product from Affinity to one I was offered by my bank but I saved quite a large amount of money. My monthly payments have reduced by over £50 which is brilliant. You were really easy to deal with too. I will be recommending you to my friends that’s for sure!”



Why should I remortgage?

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To save money, and get a mortgage that is more suited to your needs.

Can you help me save on additional costs? As well as the mortgage itself?

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In certain circumstances, yes. We can provide access to exclusive products, or we can often arrange free legal or free surveys.

How big a remortgage can I get?

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During our Information Gathering we'll discuss what you can afford, which will determine the size of your loan.

Is it easier to go with my current provider? Or look elsewhere?

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It is easier to to stick with your current provider. However, the trade off is that you might not be getting the best product for you, and if you choose the wrong one then the onus is on you. At Affinity we are legally bound to give you our expert advice on which products are affordable to you, so you are 100% getting the best deal.

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