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Like all insurance, a mortgage protection plan is there to help during difficult times. Unfortunately, most families will experience the hardship of the death or serious illness of a loved one.

Since the purchase of your home will most likely be the biggest single purchase you will make, insuring your home is the best way to protect your family should you or your partner pass, or fall seriously ill.

Affinity has the widest range of Mortgage Protection plans which can be tailored to your exact requirements. We ensure that should such a terrible situation occur in your life, that you are financially equipped to deal with it.
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Who needs mortgage protection insurance?

Mortgage protection insurance provides coverage for monthly mortgage payments in case you are no longer able to afford them due to a change in circumstances and can prevent you from having to default on your mortgage, and avoid repossession of your home. However there are other alternatives to this, as your income protection or life insurance may already have you covered.

What is the average cost of mortgage protection in Scotland?

When deciding on your level of cover you will have various options to choose from. However, the average price is around £20 - £25 per month.

Can I cancel my mortgage protection plan at a later date?

You can cancel your policy, but make sure to check with your insurance company that it has officially been cancelled, so that no additional payments will be taken from your account.

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